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Throughout several years of successful work, Kema Capital has managed to take part in various projects. Based on the results of our activities, we have created a portfolio that clearly demonstrates the high level of services provided by our specialists.
Below we have presented an incomplete list of projects which directly involved the specialists of the highest level of skill working in the united team in the company Kema Capital:

Investments in projects for mobile platforms

Online Stock Broker "Linvest"

LOTTE Confectionary (Korea) - sweets factory

DAEWOO Electronics (Korea) - Electronics

NorskHydro (Norway) - oil and gas company

OJSC Khotkovo RTP - machine building

KumhoTire (Korea) - production of tires

Pedco (Korea) - oil and gas company

OJSC Kesovogorsky Repair and Technical Enterprise - mechanical engineering

Thus this is only a part of the projects where our company and our specialists directly participated. We can not publish a full list of projects, because of the nondisclosure agreement signed with the owners.